People protect themselves against burglary and other crimes using different methods such as avoiding risky neighborhoods, keeping a dog for protection, buying a gun for protection, carrying pepper spray or mace and even installing security systems at their homes. The number of American who have installed security systems at their homes have been gradually increasing for the past few years. Below I will look at the best security systems which you can install at your house for your protection.

Security systems can be defined as electronic gadgets which normally set off an alarm in case a bugler, thief or a person enter your house without authority. The best security systems for homes are wired to a central control panel server which activates when doors and windows open when the system is armed.

Working of a security system

securitysystemsYour security system receives signals at a central place called the control panel server. Control panel server is a box which shelter electronics and is normally located in a hidden place like the closet. Different types of sensors are wired to your control panel from different areas around your home where they detect crime. 

There are two types of sensors; perimeter sensors and interior sensors. Perimeter sensors are normally located at the most vulnerable areas of your home, like doors and windows. They include glass break and magnetic sensors. Interior sensors are for detecting any movement inside your house. They include fire, smoke as well as passive infrared sensor.

When a feeler sense a problem, it reports this problem to the central control panel which scrutinizes it as it locate the source of the problem. When it has located the source, it sounds the siren while activating the lights which alerts you and your security service company of an intruder.

Classification of security systems

The best security systems are classified according to their features;


Monitoring is the process through which your security system send signal to the control panel.

Home automation

Homo automation is the ability of your security system to not only detect crimes but also do other activities such as switching the lights on and off.


Installation is the method which you can use to install your security system such as professional method or do it yourself. 

  • Advantages of a home security system
  • A home security system detects crime while protecting your properties and possessions
  • A house security system will minimizes the chances of any physical harm to your family members and people in your house
  • A security system will increase the value of your house in case you put it for sale.
  • Above all, a home security system gives your peace of mind. 

Identifying the best security system for your house

bestsecuritysystemfeaturesBefore you purchase your security system, you need to consider the threats which you are most likely to face and what you are protecting. Most security systems will come with the minimum coverage; others will have additional features which will turn your home into a well protected place. Look for systems which have the common alerts features for flood, natural gas, fire, intrusion, carbon monoxide and any other feature which you feel will be helpful. Some security systems come with a remote control notification which allows you to watch your home through your mobile phone while you are away for work or trip. Ensure that you purchase a security system having the following features;

  • Alerts for fire, intrusions, floods, carbon monoxide etc
  • Strong monitoring services
  • Good installation method as well as sensors
  • Easy access of your security personnel for help and support

Selecting the best home security system company

Remember to compare the features of different alarm response companies before settling on one company. You may consider the following five tips when you go searching for your security system company:

  1. Look for a company which has a great long alarm response history
  2. Look for a company which has warranty on its services, installation and product.
  3. Look for a company which offers free relocation of your system in case you decide to move
  4. Look for a company with a 24/7 monitoring service as while as through mobile device
  5. Look for a company which will offer you extra services in cases of emergencies

Top 3 home security system companies

1. Frontpoint security systems

Frontpoint security provides the best and the strongest customer services support. They stand out from the rest due to:

  • Best customer services
  • 100% cellular
  • Crash and smash protection
  • Transparent pricing

2. Protect America

Protect America offers one of the best prices in the industries. They in fact offer the lowest prices in this industry. They use similar gadgets to those of frontpoint. In addition, they offer DIY installation. They offes;

  • Lowest price
  • Life time warranty of equipments

3. LifeShield

It was the first all digital home security system. They the only one who offer whole house fire protection. They have both cellular and broadband wireless security systems.

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